UV LED Lash Curing system


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Beamlight StandLED Adhesive

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2x options available

Beamlight Stand: You can lash one eye at a time (no adjustments needed when lashing the eye)

Beamlight Handwrist: You can alternate between both eyes, hand adjusted will be needed

We have personally tested it: feedback from our client: no discomfort at all. When light shines there is a slight warm feeling but none when testing it with the handwrist UV system, when placing foam pads on the eyelids then absoutely no feeling of warmth.

You just have to make sure that neither you nor the customer look directly into the light. you as a stylist you should wear the Beamlight UV400 safety glasses.


  1. Dip into the glue
    2. Put on the natural eyelash
    3. Trigger UV beam light 
    4. Wait 3-5 seconds
    5. Straight on to the next lash – without sticking

    Packing content:
    1x UV LED beam light
    1x power adapter
    1x foot switch
    1x Beamlight UV transparent lash glue 5ml (It should also be stored in a cool and dry place not in the fridge )
    1x UV goggles